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Hearts and Hands Charity

For Grenadians the passage of Hurricane Ivan meant the destruction or damage of houses; devastation of agricultural fields; the loss of jobs in all sectors; the disruption of school and the displac ement of families. Conscious of the far reaching impact of Hurricane Ivan, Belmont Estate has formed a non-profitable charitable organisation called Hearts and Hands of Grenada Inc. to assist needy persons rebuild their lives. The charity is based in an agricultural belt where many of the residents are farmers who in addition to having incurred losses to their homes have also lost hundreds of acres of cocoa, nutmegs, bananas and fruits and vegetables, agricultural equipment and inputs as well as access to their lands.

Hearts and Hands believes that one of the main priorities in getting the island back to its pre -Ivan state is to help improve the living conditions of the less fortunate. In most cases these families not only have no homes, ( the government estimates that at least 50% of the population is homeless) but they have also have no earning capacity as most have lost their jobs.

As a rural based organisation, Hearts and Hands will concentrate its efforts on the neediest families in the rural areas. On their behalf Hearts and Hands solicits your assistance in whatever way that you can - food, clothing, cash, building supplies, seeds, agricultural tools to include chain saws, bow saws, boots, raincoats, etc., - in whatever quantities that you can. Every donation received will be given to persons and families in need. All administrative costs of the charity will be borne by Belmont Estate and its staff who volunteer for the charity. The website will be updated with the status of the donations and their disbursement. Additionally, donors will receive a report as to how their gifts were distributed.

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